What We Do


We create and sustain
quality affordable homes that strengthen lives and communities.

We act boldly to create and preserve affordable homes

Since 1986, Aeon has built, purchased or renovated 5,580 apartments and townhomes. These homes provide stability to nearly 15,000 people each year.

Our 58 properties Homes coming soon

At Aeon

we work to…

Build new affordable homes in the Twin Cities.

Aeon completed construction of a family-friendly building, The Louis. It provides 70 homes in the Prospect Park neighborhood.

Preserve existing affordable homes.

Aeon has preserved more than 1,700 affordable homes since 2017.

Connect people to needed resources to stay in their homes.

Our Resident Connections team builds leaders to create home and strengthen communities.

Build communities that people are proud to call home.

We encourage residents to take ownership of their home and connect with their community.

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