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Because of you, CJ says she is truly happy

For CJ, finding home was a constant struggle.

In a span of only four years, she and her two sons lost their home twice. The buildings they lived in were sold. Each time, CJ had just a month or two to find a new place to live. Later, slumlords and an abusive relationship created havoc for her family again.

Although these setbacks felt immense, CJ didn’t have time to dwell on her situation. She had to be strong and find a new home.

Thanks to your support, she did.

CJ found a home at Aeon’s Maryland Apartments. Ultimately, that meant you helped her find sanctuary and peace.

Thanks to you, CJ says she is truly happy.

“When I was shown my apartment at The Maryland, I cried. I thought, ‘I have a home now. No one will take it away from me.’”

Your support makes this home possible for CJ. And your continued support ensures her home stays affordable for as long as she needs it.