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A Letter from an Aeon resident

We received the letter below from an Aeon resident, and he gave us permission to share it with you. We are so grateful to have residents who share their stories of how home has impacted their life with us, and to have residents who want to help others find home! Every gift helps make a difference.

Mr. Arthur,

I’m responding back to an email I received from Aeon regarding “Give to the Max Day” asking for donations for any present or future housing projects that Aeon is trying to receive to help out single parent women with little children. At this time I can only afford to donate $25.00. I really can’t afford to give that much, but considering the cause, I felt it in my heart that it would be worthy to do so. You see Mr. Arthur, I’m on a set income and receive a very small income each and every month and besides that fact I’m renting from Aeon an apartment.

Mr. Arthur, I came from a single parent household where my mother was struggling to make ends meet each and every month to feed, clothe and pay her rent on time (a lot of times paying the landlord late for her rent) because she did not make a lot of money or because she needed to buy us kids some food or a new pair of pants or shoes. She would always very rarely buy anything for herself. A lot of single parent mothers in those days made those types of sacrifices to give their children some decent clothes to wear to school so that other kids would not tease their kids and have food on the table to feed her children so that they would not go hungry the next day.

Anyway to make a long story short I know how hard it is for a single homeless woman with kids. Your life can be without a stable home and each and every day your family has to move from one temporary homeless shelter to the next. You have to relocate from one different school to the next because of the unstable and uncertain housing situation. I was that kid along with my mother and other two brothers. The experiences that we went through has a profound impact on a child’s emotional state of mind that he or she will never forget for the rest of their lives.

Believe me Mr. Arthur when I say that having a place to call home where you can rest your head at night makes a huge difference in a little kid’s life and his mother as well. It also reduces a lot of stress and worry from the mother. This is my one-time donation of $25 to your project and may god bless Aeon for providing dignity and pride to low-income and homeless people with safe and beautiful affordable housing.