Sustainable Housing

Aeon incorporates green and sustainable design for affordable housing

Aeon uses materials with high energy efficiency and low environmental impact, and designs buildings with a full life-cycles in mind — providing residents with market-rate, low-income, affordable housing for generations.

Aeon’s Ripley Gardens was a pilot project of Minnesota Green Communities, helping to create a green standard that all affordable housing developers in Minnesota must use. Ripley Gardens was recently honored as a national model for sustainable affordable housing. Aeon is also partnering with the University of Minnesota’s Center for Sustainable Building Research and the Center for Energy and Environment to create a model for sustainably renovating aged housing stock.

Environmental commitment through design

Aeon is committed to minimizing the negative effects on the environment and maximizing the positive impact on residents’ lives. Aeon considers and implements sustainable building development and operating practices. One Aeon development, Alliance Addition, received LEED® certification, the first LEED for Homes Mid-rise Multifamily PLATINUM certified project in the Upper Midwest. LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is an internationally recognized mark of excellence for practical and measurable green building design, construction, operations and maintenance solutions.

Sustainability is one of Aeon’s core values. We aim to transform how developers design, build and operate multi-family affordable housing developments in sustainable ways. We take it one step farther by working to create a respectful, caring culture so our residents can connect with the community and lead healthier lives. Thirty of our 56 properties offer additional supportive services.

Aeon goes beyond sustainable housing

Aeon creates affordable homes with secure, safe environments by developing blighted and vacant lots and turning unstable urban sites into healthy places to live. Visit the volunteer page to learn how you can help Aeon further its mission of creating and sustaining quality affordable homes that strengthen lives and communities. Because sustaining relationships is critical, we strive to maintain ties with every community we serve, even as our service area expands.

Learn more about Aeon’s recent sustainable housing efforts in the blog.