Sienna Green

Penny spent nearly three years, homeless and living on the streets. “I had worked for 20 years and was married,” she said. After her divorce, she began to battle depression. She started drinking, which triggered mental illness. After four years, she lost her apartment. She slept in parks, down by the river and various shelters. “Being homeless does something to your soul,” she said. “I saw a lot of bad things…some happened to me.”

With the help of People Incorporated and a personal drive to turn her life around, Penny found a one-bedroom apartment at Sienna Green. It is one of 10 apartments at the Roseville property that are designated for adults who have experienced homelessness.

“I’ve lived at Sienna Green for two years,” shares Penny. “You meet residents in this community all the time… walking their dogs, grilling in the open space, or just sitting outside. People [here] really care.”

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