Continental Hotel

How can a choice to help a sick parent result in being homeless? That’s what happened to Chris, an Aeon resident. After Chris’ mother began experiencing serious health problems, he immediately moved into her home to help take care of her. But when his mother moved to Arizona to receive more intensive care and his plans to continue leasing her apartment fell through, Chris was left without a home for the first time in his life.

For the next six months, Chris spent most nights at a homeless shelter in Minneapolis. One day, his sister told him about The Continental Hotel, an Aeon property that provides stable, affordable apartment homes for formerly homeless individuals. Chris applied right away and has been happily living at The Continental Hotel since 2011.

“When you have a place of your own, it’s different. It’s your place and your home. That’s what makes it special,” Chris said. “Aeon is helping people find their way back into the community and into the world so they can feel proud again.”

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