Interested in Joining Aeon Board of Directors?

How to Join

CIMG2008Members of Aeon’s board of directors have a key role in addressing the Twin Cities’ shortage of affordable housing. The board of directors:

  • Governs an award-winning organization that provides more than 4,000 individuals an affordable place to make home.
  • Works with a diverse group of committed people who reflect the community. Board members are not expected to represent a particular category or constituency, but collectively bring a broad perspective to the board’s work.

Aeon’s board of directors governs through carefully determined and comprehensive policies. Policy governance requires disciplined adherence to the following critical accountabilities:

  • Setting policies that shape Aeon’s activities (ends expectations and executive limitations)
  • Monitoring to ensure to performance according to the board-established policies.

All directors receive a comprehensive orientation and governance training. Prior board experience is not required. Aeon continually recruits, accepts possible board candidates, and maintains a list of interested individuals. If you are interested in applying for a board position, or would like information about serving, please contact Victoria Stuewe at or by phone 612.746.0526.