Aeon Board of Directors

Addressing Minnesota’s shortage of affordable housing.

Aeon’s Board of Directors is comprised of 18 Director positions (with up to three additional potential short-term positions). At least one-third of the Board is comprised of residents of low-income neighborhoods or low-income persons; 60% is comprised of members of the organization; and at least three Directors are residents of Aeon affordable housing properties.

  •   Khadija Ali

    Global Language Connections

  •   Lynette Dumalag*

    Aeon Board Chairperson

  •   Tami Diehm*

    Aeon Board Vice Chairperson
    Winthrop & Weinstine

  •   Rex Carlson

    Resident of Aeon’s Maryland Apartments

  •   Scott Anderson*

    Aeon Board Secretary
    Best Buy


  •   Jeff Matthews

    Polaris Industries Inc.

  •   Valley Seward

    Resident of Aeon’s Maryland Apartments

  •   Alicia Sojourner

    City of St. Louis Park

  •   Martha Swanson*

    Minneapolis Public Schools

  •   Robert Timperley


  •   Kirsten Spreck

    Thrivent Financial


* Executive Committee member

Aeon’s Board of Directors has the fiduciary responsibility to govern with thoughtfulness (Duty of Care), with loyalty to Aeon over other loyalties (Duty of Loyalty), and adherence to laws and organizational rules (Duty of Obedience).