Aeon Supportive Services

Strengthening resident lives and becoming a part of the community

Aeon strives to create a respectful community that cares by fully supporting residents in strengthening their lives and becoming a part of the community. Our staff helps connect residents to their community in several ways. Thirty of our 56 properties offer additional supportive services to help residents in achieving housing stability and personal goals.

Resident Connections: Helping Residents Succeed

When people are connected, they feel safer and more satisfied with their living environment and are more likely to treat their home and neighbors with greater respect. Aeon’s Resident Connections program strives to support successful residency and create thriving communities by focusing on resident connections, engagement, and stability while providing affordable housing.

Resident Connections encourages residents to take a leadership role in the property and the greater community. Residents give back to their community by: serving on Aeon’s Board of Directors; facilitating monthly resident property meetings; and planning community-building activities such as movie nights, cooking classes, barbecues, and sober support groups. Roughly 100 residents volunteer annually — providing more than 1,000 hours total of volunteer service.

Additionally, several Aeon properties have Resident Planning Committees, Resident Councils, or floor captains, and several residents participate in the National Leadership Development Training (through NeighborWorks’ Community Leadership Institute) each year.

Aeon also established easy-to-use and active social networking communication. This has been critical for newer immigrants for whom language and cultural barriers can contribute to social isolation.

Supporting Stability and Community Resources

Aeon Resident Connections staff identifies residents who are at risk of losing their home, then intervenes, mediates, and supports positive changes to prevent eviction. Staff helps residents increase their stability by connecting them to community resources such as mental health or chemical dependency treatment, job training, after-school programs, and budgeting classes.

Partnerships to Support Resident Success

In several properties, Aeon partners with social service providers to identify barriers that prevent individuals from maintaining successful residency and offer added support:

  • YouthLink provides the formerly homeless youth at Archdale and St. Barnabas Apartments with case management to help youth establish goals and learn independent living skills.
  • Simpson Housing Services and RESOURCE Chemical and Mental Health to provide support services to formerly homeless residents of the Continental Hotel, Lamoreaux, and Lamoreaux Expansion.
  • RS Eden provides support services to formerly homeless individuals in recovery at Alliance Apartments.
  • Oak Grove offers support to residents of 1822 Park Apartments who have serious and persistent mental illness, some of whom have been formerly homeless, have a developmental disability or traumatic brain injury.
  • Scattered Site Permanent Supportive Housing provides small clusters of apartment homes (four to six units within a larger group) for people leaving homelessness.