Volunteer Waiver

Aeon Volunteer Registration and Liability Agreement

Aeon Volunteer Registration and Liability Agreement

All Aeon volunteers must complete and digitally sign this Liability Waiver and Emergency Contact Information form prior to starting volunteer work. If you are under the age of 18, a parent of legal guardian must complete this waiver.

Liability Waiver. In digitally signing this Liability Waiver, I agree to willingly participate in an Aeon volunteer project. I agree to use work tools safely according to instructions received. I agree to behave in a responsible manner. I agree to only perform work that I am comfortable doing and can accomplish safely. I agree that I am wearing clothes and shoes that will provide adequate protection according to the work conditions.

Release. I herby release Aeon, Aeon Management LLC, and affiliated persons and organizations from any and all claims that may arise from, or result in, any expenses, personal injury, loss or damage incurred to me or by me during my participation in an Aeon volunteer project.

Permission-Use of Photographs/Video. I herby grant Aeon permission to interview me and/or to use my likeness in photograph(s)/video in any and all of its publications and in any and all other media, whether known or hereafter existing, controlled by Aeon, in perpetuity, and/or for any other use by Aeon. I will make no monetary or other claim against Aeon for the use of the interview and/or the photograph(s)/video. I understand my remarks or image will not be sold to any other agency, media outlet or other interested party.

In case of emergency please contact: