Randy’s Story


Randy’s Story

Your gift is instrumental to helping Aeon residents like Randy thrive. Before living at an Aeon home, Randy said he didn’t have much.  

“My entire family were alcoholics,” he says. “They didn’t know life outside of that.”  

For a time, Randy struggled with addiction and homelessness, going from program to program trying to find help.  

“Homelessness just crashes your zest for life,” he says. “I still know people that have been living at the Salvation Army all this time who don’t know how to find something else.” 

Fortunately, Randy discovered home at an Aeon property. He said the discovery helped save his life. 

“I still remember the first night that I got my apartment, how much safer I was, how grateful I was that I had been given this opportunity,” Randy says.  

With your gift, you have empowered him to restart. He has been sober since finding his home with Aeon. 

“I’m at a point now where I can smile through the tears and realize that things are better now—because they are,” Randy says.  

Your support helps bring stability to Aeon residents like Randy when they need it most. Thank you for helping fellow community members thrive with your partnership.