Oscar’s Story

In 1999, Oscar was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer

As Oscar tried to focus on his health, he faced another setback. After standing up to his landlord who he caught doing something illegal, Oscar was wrongfully evicted. He had not choice but to move into his music studio with his wife and dog. The studio had no windows, bathroom or kitchen. To Oscar, it felt like a padded jail cell.

“It felt like every time I moved forward, someone stuck their foot out and tried to make me fall down.”

After four years of living in the studio, Oscar found his home at Aeon

Having a home made it possible for Oscar to focus on his health — he is now in remission after 20 years of fighting cancer. The stability of home also made it possible for Oscar to fight the wrongful eviction on his record. After going to court, the landlord was found guilty and his housing record is clean.

Change a Life
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