Gregor’s Story

It felt like the universe was taking care of me after everything I had been through.

The Accident

Gregor lost everything

Twenty-five years ago, while crossing a street, Gregor was hit by a drunk driver.

Everything changed

Before the accident, Gregor had a job that paid well. On the side, he was a professional singer and artist. The brain damage caused by the accident meant Gregor lost the skills that had defined him. His self-esteem plummeted and he struggled to keep a job. Eventually, Gregor lost his home.

You are the reason

After five years of homelessness, Gregor found Aeon. When he learned the building he was touring had an art studio with one open spot the, he broke down in tears of joy. Not only did Gregor find home, but he was given the space to create art again.

Change a Life
You can provide home and make an impact on more lives like Gregor’s with a gift.