Angela’s Story

I tried so hard to provide a safe place for my family to sleep. I was so exhausted and even though I had three jobs, I couldn’t seem to make ends meet.

For years we lived in shelters and churches

My family’s house burned down about seven years ago. My kids and I made it out safe, but we no longer had a home. We moved from shelter to shelter. Sometimes we slept in churches. It didn’t matter what we did. The outcome was always the same.

We would be forced out because we didn’t have enough money. Sometimes we would leave when the environment was no longer safe.

Now I can breathe

My kids and I have a future

Without a home, I wasn’t able to pursue any goals. I’m proud to share that I am now working on getting my GED and it is my new dream to get my real estate license.
My kids are doing great too! Now that they get to stay in one place, they are involved in sports and have made friends. Their grades even went up and I am proud to say that they are a role model to others.

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