Steve & Mary’s Story

Steve and Mary first came to this food shelf about 6 years ago, when they were in need of food. Their apartment building had just been bought by a developer who forced them out. Thankfully, they were able to find a new home with Aeon.

Mary quickly became friends with one of the women who volunteered at the food shelf, and once Steve and Mary were on their feet, this woman invited Mary to come back and volunteer. “This is how I give back. We’re all in need of something, and this is how I can help fill that need for other people,” Mary said. 

Over the years, Mary has become an integral part of the food shelf. Her photo is all over the building, with various groups of volunteers from over the years. And after a while, she invited her husband Steve to join her as a volunteer. 

“I do the meet and greet part of the operation,” Steve explained. “Mary, she’s the brains. She knows all of what’s going on behind the scenes. But I get to be here when the folks come in, say hello, welcome them back or welcome them in if it’s their first time. We’ve got these little blue books of information that I hand out if they need other support, too. If they need clothes, furniture, a case worker — there’s help for all of that.” 

The food shelf reopened just over a year ago, after a fire required the building to be completely renovated. “Since we’ve been back open, our numbers have only gone up – we see probably about 80 people every week,” Mary said. “But I’m glad to be back. This is like my chosen family, you know? This is home away from home.”