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What’s new at Aeon

You may have noticed something is different at Aeon. Today we revealed our new look, including a new logo, colors and fonts.

Aeon’s impact has evolved over the past 32 years—from opening our first 38-unit building in downtown Minneapolis to owning and managing more than 4,000 apartments that are home to 8,500 residents.

And our impact must continue to evolve as the supply of affordable homes in our community falls far short of the need. Too many people are struggling to make ends meet, and the threat of homelessness is real.

In the last year, we have taken the time to talk to some of Aeon’s supporters, residents, and community partners. We wanted to make sure we’re putting our best foot forward as we look to find more people like you to join us in this work.

What we heard is that, now more than ever, you expect us to act boldly.

You told us that you think Aeon is passionate about making affordable homes more accessible, regardless of income or personal situation. That we are willing to take on the toughest challenges for the greatest benefit to residents and the community.

Aeon’s new look better reflects our mission—home is at the center of everything we do. The waves emanating from the home represent the impact of home. The impact YOU make possible. With a home, people succeed, families thrive, and our region remains strong.

We know you share our belief that everyone deserves a home. With your continued support, Aeon will act boldly to create and preserve quality, affordable homes for our neighbors who need them most.

Thank you for your commitment to this work!