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Staff Spotlight: Meet Nicole!

Meet Nicole, Housing Development Strategist

Aeon’s Housing Development Strategist, Nicole, joined our staff in July of 2021. Her work touches each phase of the development cycle — meaning each time we open a new property, Nicole is one of the people who made it possible! “It is so fulfilling to know that we are creating homes for people and families within our community,” she shared.

She describes the Housing Development team as nimble, persistent and resourceful. “We work through many challenges together,” Nicole said. “We work to create strategic solutions that help us continuously improve how we operate.”

When asked what she wishes people understood about Aeon and affordable housing, Nicole said: “Housing is a basic need, and the foundation for creating a stable, healthy, good life. Everyone deserves that. We wouldn’t hesitate to do whatever it takes to provide that for a loved one, so we shouldn’t hesitate to do that for anyone who needs it.”

For Nicole, some of the best days at Aeon are when she can visit one of Aeon’s 60 properties. Whether it’s under construction or bustling with residents, those moments are deeply fulfilling. “Everyone has their part to play in what we do,” she said. “If we help just one person each day, it’s worth the work. Together, we can make a big impact.”