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Residents advocate for affordable homes at the Capitol

Aeon resident Jurline with Rep. Michael Howard, Chair of the Housing Finance and Policy Committee

Aeon residents, supporters and staff have been active at the State Capitol recently. Residents like Jurline and Randy are making sure lawmakers understand the need for affordable homes. They are sharing the life-changing impact those homes can have for members of our community.

Jurline shared her story in support of a bill that would create more housing vouchers. Housing vouchers help people with low incomes pay their rent. The bill, Bring it Home, MN, would create housing vouchers for all Minnesotans who pay more than 30% of their income toward rent.

Jurline repeatedly lost her home when landlords sold properties where she was living, and the rent went up. “You just get tired,” Jurline said. “It runs you down, steady moving. But things happen, and you’ve got to move on.”

When Jurline found home with Aeon, she found the stability she needed. “It’s been helpful to know that I can move here and have a place – some of us are on a fixed income,” she said. “We need to be able to meet our basic needs.”

Now, she’s lending her voice to help more Minnesotans get the stability they need.

Aeon resident Randy at the State Capitol

Randy told his story in support of House File 302, which is a proposal for $1 billion in Housing Infrastructure Bonds. This money would help fund the construction and repairs of affordable homes across Minnesota.

After a workplace injury, Randy developed an addiction to the medication his doctor prescribed. That led him to lose his home and spend many difficult years navigating homelessness.

Fortunately, Randy discovered home at an Aeon property. He said the discovery helped save his life and gave him an opportunity to restart. “I still remember the first night that I got my room. How much safer I was, how grateful I was that I had been given this opportunity,” Randy said.

Randy also looks forward to maintaining his stability. He has been sober since finding his home with Aeon. “I’m at a point now where I can smile through the tears and realize that things are better now – because they are,” Randy said.

Randy wants things to be better for other people experiencing homelessness, too. That’s why he’s voicing his support for this state funding for affordable housing.

You can make a difference too.

Contact your elected officials and ask them to support Bring it Home, MN. Your quick email or phone call lets them know that the people they represent want every Minnesota to have the rent support they deserve.

Find your representative’s contact information here, and help your neighbors stay your neighbors.