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Board Spotlight: Meet Martha Swanson

For eight years, Martha Swanson has been a strong and steady voice on Aeon’s Board of Directors. Before joining Aeon, Martha served on the boards of local nonprofit healthcare and education organizations. In addition to her work as a public education administrator, she has held Public Policy Fellowships at the University of Minnesota Humphrey School and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. An expert on policy, management and public relations, Martha brings a community-centric focus to everything she does.

Martha works in leadership at the Minneapolis Public Schools, directing public relations strategies and district-wide services for many of the same families that Aeon houses. In her tenure on the board, Martha is immediate past Chairperson and now chairs the Governance Committee, which focuses on Aeon’s policy, governance work and recruitment of new board members.

While Chairperson, Martha led the board during the CEO search and selection of Dr. Eric Johnson as President and CEO and oversaw the transition from Alan Arthur to Dr. Johnson. She considers this to be her proudest moment as Chairperson, saying “My hopes for Aeon have been fulfilled as we have transformed the Board partnership with management ensuring a strong foundation for Aeon’s future. Eric has built such an impressive leadership team that I know will carry Aeon’s legacy and mission forward.”

Looking further into the future of Aeon and the Board of Directors, Martha is confident that Aeon will continue to lead affordable housing growth and advocacy across the region. She is excited to continue expanding the scope of the Board of Directors and strengthening the partnership between board and staff.