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Are we awake or are we dreaming?

As much as it may feel like the world has changed overnight, we know that isn’t possible. Discouraged by the inertia of divisive politics we may have given up, stopped paying attention, allowed ourselves to be distracted. Or worse, put on a protective layer of cynicism that enables us to deny what we as individuals have the power to do to make our lives, our communities, our nation and the world better, more equitable and just.

On election day, I talked about innovation, the forces that have led us to the greatest affordable housing crisis in more than a century, and Aeon’s commitment to making Home a reality for those with the greatest barriers to safety and stability.

Today I am thinking about transformations. Like the transformation that was possible for Billy once he found his Home with Aeon. He got his life back on track and is achieving his goals. In fact, he is surpassing his own expectations – he didn’t just get a job, he kept it and went on to earn himself a promotion. Today, Billy is enjoying some long overdue pride in his accomplishments and that is no small thing.

Aeon is not about transitional housing. What we do in creating Home for our residents is transformational. Homeless youth or those in recovery from addiction may be with us for only a short time, but what we strive to provide them is the foundation that makes all else possible. Children and their families, seniors, and those living on the verge have all discovered what is possible in a safe, stable Home environment –  better school and workplace performance, improved health and a sense of self-worth. We believe that Home changes everything. Aeon’s residents prove that to us every day.

We owe it to them, we owe it to ourselves, and we owe it to one another to wake up and get involved in cleaning up the messes we’ve made through our indifference. It is time to start paying attention. It is time to start caring about the people who live and work in our community. It is time to get to work.

You can help.

And we’ll keep doing our part, too.

Alan Arthur, President & CEO