Press Release

Aeon Welcomes New Board Members

Aeon’s board of directors will welcome two new members at its meeting on May 27, 2020: Matt Plec and Dan Reed. With the ongoing impacts of coronavirus, Aeon understands the value that new perspectives bring to the organization. The presence of affordable housing is crucial to supporting the community through this crisis. Aeon estimates a loss in rent revenue between 20-40% through the end of the year, which requires great commitment from the community in order to keep low income residents in their homes. The addition of Plec and Reed will offer new perspectives and experiences during this important time.

Matt Plec

Matt Plec is a Vice President of Commercial Lending and has been with Great Southern Bank for 7 years. His role at the organization is financing national real estate development projects.

Along with bringing 14 years of banking experience to Aeon, Plec has been involved in several real estate legislative committees. Plec is currently the Vice Chair of the City of Plymouth Housing and Redevelopment Authority Board of Commissioners and additionally serves on the Community Matters Board of MN for Great Southern Bank. His most recent philanthropic campaign in 2019 raised funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Minnesota chapter.

Plec’s interest in affordable housing came from his ongoing work in the real estate industry, along with his involvement in the funding of projects. He has been involved in affordable housing efforts throughout his career and plan to provide a financing perspective to help further Aeon’s mission.

Plec holds a bachelor’s degree in elective studies with an emphasis on finance and business from St. Cloud State University.

Dan Reed

Dan Reed is a Vice President and General Manager of Lending Solutions at Ameriprise Financial since 2018. He brings over 25 years of leadership and experience in financial services, including banking, lending, insurance, and investments.

Reed’s interest in affordable housing stems from his experience at a Federal Savings Bank to support the housing needs of the community. Aside from banking expertise, Reed brings knowledge on the development of financing programs to meet the needs of low- and moderate-income borrowers and homeowners. He has served on various board committees and sub-committees over the past 18 years across four different financial institutions.

Reed holds a BBA in Business Finance from the University of Wisconsin. He completed graduate coursework in taxation and management of technology, leadership training at the Wharton School, and additional industry training through the BAI Graduate School of Bank Operations and Technology, the CBA Graduate School of Retail Bank Management, and the Risk Management Association.