Press Release

Aeon receives $577,000 from NeighborWorks America in flexible grants

Aeon, a member of the NeighborWorks network, is receiving $577,000 in flexible grants from the Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation, dba NeighborWorks America. This grant will support its affordable housing and community development activities. 

Aeon joined the NeighborWorks network in 2010 and has used NeighborWorks funds to power its mission and provide staff development. With NeighborWorks’ latest grants, Aeon will continue to preserve existing and build new affordable homes. 

“The availability of affordable housing – housing that a family can fit in their budget – is one of the most important issues for families,” Senator Klobuchar said. “This grant will help communities across Minnesota build and maintain reliable, affordable housing options for residents, and provide relief to Minnesotans who are still facing higher housing costs than they can handle.”

“Since 2010, NeighborWorks’ steady support has helped Aeon save and add more than 2,500 affordable apartment homes to the Twin Cities region,” said Alan Arthur, President and CEO of Aeon. “We thank NeighborWorks for the funding to make our work possible so that our residents can find the stability of home.”

NeighborWorks America is announcing $70 million in grants to its network of nearly 250 nonprofit organizations located around the country. NeighborWorks organizations will use the grants to develop and manage high-quality affordable housing, help consumers set and reach their goals through financial coaching, offer homeownership education and counseling, and revitalize and strengthen communities. 

“NeighborWorks America is dedicated to securing that these grants create opportunities for people to improve their lives and strengthen their communities,” said NeighborWorks America President and CEO Marietta Rodriguez. In fiscal year 2018, the NeighborWorks network provided 457,000 housing and counseling services; owned and managed 166,900 rental homes; and created more than 41,100 jobs.

For more information about NeighborWorks America go to NeighborWorks.org.