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A message from Aeon’s President & CEO

Here at Aeon, we’re constantly growing and adapting to the needs of our residents. Our work is critical– and as the affordable housing crisis continues, we’re being called upon to do even more. There is a pressing need to build more housing and expand housing solutions.

In recent years, we’ve witnessed the beginnings of a turning tide in the affordable housing sector. Our dialogues with corporate partners, city governments, community organizations and the state legislature have underscored a consensus: Minnesota desperately needs more affordable housing. We are profoundly grateful for their acknowledgement of this critical issue. This growing awareness and support are critical for nonprofits like Aeon to enhance housing production and contribute to market growth.

Aeon has shown resilience against years of significant challenges, and we remain committed for the long haul, supported by numerous allies who believe in the fundamental right to housing. The odds have been stacked against us, but until we’ve worked ourselves out of a job, we won’t stop asking for what we need.

The path to solving the housing crisis is multifaceted. It involves not only building more homes but also preserving existing affordable housing and ensuring they remain viable and safe. As a leader in this sector, Aeon is at the forefront of engaging with stakeholders to create policies, practices and innovative solutions that support these goals and do not just build more houses, but create homes and communities where everyone can live with dignity and opportunity. I want to thank you for believing, as I do, that everyone deserves a home. I hope you continue to join us in the fight to provide housing for all.

Thank you,

Dr. Eric Anthony Johnson

Aeon President & CEO