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  • What’s new at Aeon

    You may have noticed something is different at Aeon. Today we revealed our new look, including a new logo, colors and fonts. Aeon’s impact has evolved over the past 32 years—from opening our first 38-unit building in downtown Minneapolis to owning and managing more than 4,000 apartments that are home to 8,500 residents. And our […]

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  • Resident sitting on bed.

    “Why are people homeless?”

    I was asked a simple question recently, “Why are people homeless?”  If we consider homelessness a problem we should solve, the answer is important. Although there are a myriad of contributing factors, the fundamental answer is simple. Insufficient resources. For decades I’ve heard people claim that mental health issues and alcohol and chemical dependency issues […]

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  • A new year, a fresh start to make a positive difference

    Wow. Here it is. 2017. We get to work in a fresh, new year.  We – each of us, you, me, our families, our friends, our neighbors, our co-workers – can seize this glorious opportunity to make a positive difference for our community, for each other. We are privileged to have that chance. And isn’t […]

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  • What is Aeon grateful for this year? You!

    When someone asks me how I am, it is common for me to reply, “I’m still the luckiest man in the world.”  My response is often received as automatic, and rather trite. My friend Pastor Agnew of Bethesda Baptist Church predictably retorts, “No, Alan, you’re not lucky…you’re blessed.” All the above is true. In so […]

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  • American flag

    Are we awake or are we dreaming?

    As much as it may feel like the world has changed overnight, we know that isn’t possible. Discouraged by the inertia of divisive politics we may have given up, stopped paying attention, allowed ourselves to be distracted. Or worse, put on a protective layer of cynicism that enables us to deny what we as individuals […]

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  • The social, market and political forces driving out affordable housing

    Aeon just won the national ULI’s annual Jack Kemp Award for Excellence in Affordable Housing.  We won for Aeon’s work with Hope Community to complete the last phase of South Quarter IV, The Rose, at the intersection of Franklin and Portland Avenues in Minneapolis. It’s always nice when a group of national experts confirm that […]

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  • Stay Strong

    This afternoon oral arguments were scheduled for Hennepin County court for our Lowry Grove mobile-home park lawsuit. As you know, developers are trying to kick out 150 people so that market housing can be built, after we and the residents made a legal matching offer that by law should have been accepted. Last night I […]

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  • Lowry Grove Lawsuit Status

    Lowry Grove Update On Monday, August 1, 2016 an “amicus curiae” (friend of the court) was filed on behalf of residents/Aeon re Lowry Grove by the Office of the Attorney General of Minnesota. An amicus curiae is the name for a brief filed with the court by someone who is not a party to the […]

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    The Word Curse of Affordable Housing

    Affordable housing. Subsidized housing. Low-income housing. These terms all have a very negative connotation to the general public. I believe this is influenced by decades of watching the nightly news or movies and television shows (like Law & Order, in which the only “good” Black character usually portrayed is Ice-T). Low-income families and neighborhoods are […]

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  • The New Jim Crow

    2015 is the 50th anniversary of “Bloody Sunday,” when hundreds of civil rights marchers were attacked by local police forces in Selma, Alabama. The Selma marches catalyzed the Voting Rights Act of 1965. That same year, the racial segregation laws, known as Jim Crow laws, were finally erased. Yet five decades later, overt, covert, and […]

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  • Poverty, Homelessness, and Home

    Poverty. Insufficient income to meet basic needs, to live a fruitful and full life. Home is a basic human need. It follows right behind air, water and food. It’s probably connected with love. Aeon’s vision is that every person has a home. Tonight, there will be 14,000 homeless people in Minnesota. Our work is not […]

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  • Sun shining through tree top

    Welcome to the Aeon Blog – Where Lives Connect

    When we started in 1986, we set out to do affordable housing better than it’s been done before. Since then, we’ve added new ways of connecting with the community, supporting our mission to create and sustain quality affordable apartments and townhomes that strengthen lives and communities. Today we are pleased to introduce our new blog […]

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  • An Investment in Housing is an Investment in Education

    When a sixth-grader is asking her teacher about job opportunities (via StarTribune April 29 commentary), and adds “If I worked, then maybe my family wouldn’t lose our home,” we need to get past a debate on the ROI of bonding bills. Fear and instability are sabotaging the futures of precariously-housed young people like this sixth-grader, not to […]

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