Because of you, Jim and his dog, Popeye, have a place to call home

Jim moved into his home at the Maryland in 1999. When the building went up for sale nearly 10 years later, Jim was at risk for having no place to go.

But thanks to committed supporters like you, Aeon was able to purchase the property to maintain its affordability and to ensure residents living there didn’t have to move.

For Jim, who knew what it was like to live out on the streets, this meant everything.

You see, before moving into The Maryland, Jim spent about three years living on the streets. He struggled with sobriety. Without a home, he had a tough time getting back on his feet.

After a near-death experience, Jim realized that he needed to make a change. He put himself into a detox program and has been sober ever since, knowing he had the stability of a home he could depend on.

But 20 years later, Jim remembers his days walking the skyways and riding the busses just to stay warm. He remembers having to search for a new place to sleep every night. He never wants to go through that again.

“I would often get on the bus and ride from one end to the other. It was my shelter during the day.” – Jim

Because of you, Jim and his dog Popeye have a place to call home. He has been living at The Maryland for over 15 years now.

Thank you for supporting homes like Jim’s.

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