The Balmoral was recently upgraded as a part of Frerichs' MP3 construction project.

Frerichs: Going above and beyond to make Home possible

Securing financing, managing construction, marketing to potential residents — these steps need to happen to make affordable apartment homes possible, just like with other types of development projects. What makes affordable homes unique, however, is the community support that goes into them and the needs of the neighbors they serve.

Without the community embracing affordable homes, many of our neighbors would be struggling to find a stable place to live. Community support can come from individuals, local governments, banks and the business partners who go above and beyond the traditional scope of work — like Frerichs Construction.

Along with building luxury homes like Grand Avenue Apartments, Frerichs has partnered with Aeon to create safe, stable and affordable homes in the Twin Cities area for nearly 15 years. Together, we celebrated the successful completion of a significant project, the Minneapolis Preservation Portfolio Project (MP3), just last year.

The MP3 projected consisted of 10 different buildings, most of which are in Minneapolis’s Elliot Park.  The project was different than most, as Frerichs completed extensive renovations to the buildings and individual apartments while the residents were still living in their homes. Having the residents temporarily relocated would have been the most convenient for construction; however, Frerichs understands the heart of our mission, and put the residents’ needs first.

Over 590 residents live across the 10 different MP3 buildings; their total average income being only $13,819 per year. Seventy-five of the individuals living in MP3 buildings have experienced homelessness. Some have struggled to find safe, stable housing for years. Others may have dealt with disreputable slumlords and barely livable apartments in the past.

Every person deserves a place to call Home, and to be treated with respect in their sanctuary. Frerichs partnered with the residents at MP3 to ensure disruption was minimal and their voices were heard throughout the process. Staff volunteered time to host backyard BBQs at different properties to strengthen this partnership and connect with the individuals and families they serve. The entire Aeon community is so grateful to have such caring partners.

Frerichs’s support doesn’t stop there. A dedicated ally in the fight for Home, Frerichs sponsors our annual fundraising breakfast, Beyond Bricks & Mortar, and consistently fills tables at the event with new donors. The company has contributed over half a million dollars to Aeon’s mission and have numerous employees who are significant donors. Home simply would not be possible without generous friends like Frerichs. We are truly grateful they’ve chosen to bring their talent and heart to this important work. 

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  • Phil says:

    I am seeking affordable housing for my 10-year old daughter and I. Does your program provide any information or support on seeking affordable housing with someone on a limited income?

    • Stephanie Swenson says:

      Hi Phil, you can reach out to our leasing call center at 612-333-9284 to learn about our affordable housing options and find homes that you and your daughter qualify for.

  • Larnette Spencert says:

    I work for Kingdom In Action Treatment Facility and upon the guys leaving, some of them will be needing housing. How can I get help for the Clients?

    • Stephanie Swenson says:

      Hi Larnette, you can contact our leasing call center at 612-333-9284 to learn more about our different affordable housing options and help your clients apply.

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