The different definitions of Home

Home is family. Home is community. Home is serenity. Home is safety.

Home means something different to every individual, but the feeling of comfort and relief we experience when walking through the front door to our Homes is often the same.

Your support of Aeon isn’t just about providing affordable housing. It’s also about providing a stable sanctuary where individuals and families can go to feel secure and at peace. We asked three Aeon residents what Home means to them. Hear what your support has made possible.

For Bonita, Home offered sanctuary during her time of grief

After returning from my only sister’s funeral back in 2012, I was so glad to have a place to grieve that was my own – a place that was familiar to me and offered peaceful serenity. I almost kissed the ground after turning the key and entering my apartment. That’s how much Home meant to me during this sorrowful time in my life.

For Stephen, Home helped him get back on his feet

My story is similar to any drug addict’s — I got addicted and eventually lost everything, even my home. Moving into The Alliance Apartments after treatment was crucial for turning my life around and staying sober. The support I received from my new community made it possible for me to get back on my feet and create a new life for myself.

For Connie, Home gave her a new purpose

In my late 50s, it was difficult for me to find a job, as I was suffering from bad depression and arthritis. Finding a home was also a challenge at times, but because both my mother and mother-in-law lived in Parkview Villa, I knew this quality home would offer all that I required. I am continually grateful for this gift of Home and the new purpose it has provided. I feel that God has put me here to help people. I’m on the Parkview Villa Advisory Council and work with the Aeon staff to reach out to neighbors and engage more of the residents who live here, and I’ve made a lot of friends here doing so!

Thank you for supporting Aeon’s mission and making Home possible for more individuals and families!

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