For Alvin, Home is where his art is

It wasn’t until he picked up art again that Alvin fully recovered his past, and he hasn’t stopped creating since.

Alvin first discovered his love and talent for art in school, but years later his passion got pushed aside in lieu of other responsibilities. Taking care of his mom and maintaining a full-time job – those were his priorities after college. “I help people — it’s what I do,” Alvin recalled of his work as a teacher and group home aide.

Life for a time was good – Alvin found his work rewarding and enjoyed caring for his family. Until a bout with pneumonia turned life-threatening and doctors induced a coma in an effort to save him. He survived, but Alvin suffered extensive brain injury and had to rebuild his life. Speech and motor skills had to be relearned; he lost memories and struggled to recognize familiar faces. Not being able to return to work, Alvin had to find a home he could afford with limited disability income. He discovered Aeon after being released from the hospital and moved in shortly after. “Home is the foundation. It allows me to feel grateful for what God has given me and how blessed I am.”

After finding his Home with Aeon, Alvin continued to rebuild his life and returned to his first love – art. Describing his style as primitive with an urban spin, he uses recycled materials to create distinctive masks and necklaces: “What some people throw away, I like to turn into something beautiful.” The walls of Alvin’s apartment are covered with his eye-catching masks and colorfully vivid abstract paintings. “Home to me means freedom,” he reflected. “Aeon has given me the freedom to pursue my dream of being an artist.”

Find more of Alvin’s art here.

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  • Alvin Kennedy Sr says:

    TH ANK far the kind words telling my story

  • Lisa "unstapledlisa" Kasen says:

    I’ve gotten behind on my blogs on this site..
    Thank you to Stephanie for writing this blog…
    And thank you to Alvin, in addition to helping other residents by teaching them of creative ways of expression, at times, how inspiring you are as an artist and how beautiful your art is to look at, you always have a kind word to say and a smile on your face. Whether you know a resident well or it’s someone like me, that you see on rare occasion in passing on the property.

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