Together, we can work hard to make Home possible for more individuals, families and children facing the greatest barriers.

A new year, a fresh start to make a positive difference

Wow. Here it is. 2017. We get to work in a fresh, new year.  We – each of us, you, me, our families, our friends, our neighbors, our co-workers – can seize this glorious opportunity to make a positive difference for our community, for each other.

We are privileged to have that chance. And isn’t it why we’re here?

Last week a champion of affordable housing in Minnesota died: Mr. Dick Brustad. The death of someone we admire especially makes us pause. I plan to express my gratitude more, and more loudly, for my life, for my path, for knowing and working with Dick, and for working with other people who care like Dick Brustad cared. I hereby express my gratitude for working with people like you. Gratitude is a renovation crew for our spirit, but I need to not only feel it, and express it, but act it.

Governor Dayton is recommending $122 million for affordable housing in the state’s bonding bill. He proposes it as logical infrastructure expense. There are supporters and detractors, of course. But in this fresh new year I pledge to point out, as clearly, loudly and often as possible, that home for our people – home as a platform, as stability, as a fundamental, foundational human need – must be high on the list of human priorities, right behind air, water, and food.  And hand-in-hand with love, as in: housing plus love = home.  I hereby pledge to work hard, hand in hand with you, to make affordable, quality Home possible for more children, families and individuals who desperately need it.

And Aeon promises that, too. Together, the homes we create will be a lasting foundation for more Minnesotans to thrive.

A wonderful 2017 to you and yours!



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