You helped save the homes of our Como by the Lake community!

What is Aeon grateful for this year? You!

When someone asks me how I am, it is common for me to reply, “I’m still the luckiest man in the world.”  My response is often received as automatic, and rather trite. My friend Pastor Agnew of Bethesda Baptist Church predictably retorts, “No, Alan, you’re not lucky…you’re blessed.”

All the above is true. In so many ways.

Aeon is similarly lucky and blessed. For example, we have YOU and you actively care that other men, women and children in your community have home in their lives.

Home is not just housing, but much more profound. We define home at Aeon, and annually measure the extent to which our residents are achieving it. One of the key components we measure is social connection. Some people have told us, “Home is where I have my family.”  Others have said, “It’s a place where I feel connected to others.”  Eddie, a formerly homeless Aeon resident, said, “For the first time in my life I feel like I’m part of something bigger than just myself.”

Home is a place that manifests love in myriad ways.

In this 30th year of Aeon, your love of others and your community saved 99 very-low-income seniors from losing their homes at Como By the Lake, in St. Paul.  You helped add quality and preserve long-term affordability for another 144 apartments for seniors and disabled persons at Parkview Villa, in Columbia Heights.  And you helped preserve 139 affordable apartments for families and individuals working lower-wage jobs, at Sun Place and Goldenstar, in Roseville and Maplewood.

If Aeon’s end-of-year project closings happen like they should, you’ll be helping us preserve 50 and create 16 very affordable apartments for very-low income families in Mound, and preserve 117 affordable apartment homes for formerly homeless persons at Opportunity Housing, in Minneapolis.

Of course, there is much more to do.  And together we will.  Because there are still people without a decent, affordable home.

Thank you.

Happy Holidays.

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