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The affordable housing dilemma — we can’t win without innovation

Ten thousand people will be homeless tonight in Minnesota. “But unfortunately,” explains Aeon CEO Alan Arthur, “this is only the tip of a massive iceberg already completely formed, created by 40+ years of political, social and market forces that have led us to the greatest shortage of affordable housing in our country since the early 1900s.”

That’s why Aeon is actively seeking new ways to provide more quality homes in the greater Twin Cities area, and new partners to advance our work. Your support of Aeon fuels our efforts to close the gap on affordable housing in our community, and with the dollars you invest, the time you volunteer and your advocacy for our cause we are innovating sustainable solutions. Especially for those facing the greatest barriers to finding the safe, stable homes that are the foundation for so much more — improved health, success in education, employment and other achievements.

Last week, Aeon was honored with the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits Mission Award in Innovation for our work on The Rose — one of the greenest, most sustainable, most energy- and water-efficient, most materials-healthy affordable housing projects in the country. When projections showed that Aeon and our residents would spend at least $130 million in energy and water expenses over the next 20 years, we decided it was time to think differently. By making efficiency a priority we reduced these expenses to use the dollars you invest more effectively.

This recognition comes as Aeon celebrates 30 years of service providing quality affordable homes in our community. We are grateful to you — our supporters, to the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, and to our nonprofit peers who honored us with their votes. We also want to recognize our fellow Mission Award recipients:

  • Page Education Foundation for its Anti-Racism Initiative
  • Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness for Advocacy
  • Minnesota Initiative Foundations for Responsive Philanthropy
  • Wayside House, Inc., for the Nonprofit Excellence Award

Thank you for all the good you have done and will do, today and every day, to make our community a better place. There is so much more that we can do and together, we will.

Watch the video that was presented at the MCN award ceremony here:

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  • Einar Johnson says:

    Thanks for that exciting story that is posted. I lived at AEON for over 25 years. from 1988 tell 2014. The place was very well kept up and cleaned.

  • Lisa "unstapledlisa" Kasen says:

    I’m a resident of an Aeon property, as well as I do try to promote donating to Aeon on social media, and I do volunteer at corporate, Stephanie. This was an excellent blog. I did write a blog about Aeon and my brief past late in life homelessness, last January, called “Homelessness Kills”.

    As a blogger with disabilities ABOUT disabilities of why I feel passionately for people donating time and money to organizations like Aeon, where they look to provide both short term and long term solutions to end homelessness, by providing housing and where appropriate on site resources for housing retention. As well as many other resources.

    I did that, to positively and proactively provide a response to all the well intentioned crowd source funding drives that I see on social media, in regards to help the homeless with people who want to knit sweaters or provide bags of treats for the homeless, etc.

    It’s not that I don’t see that there hearts are in the right place. They just honestly don’t know the enormity though of how much they could REALLY help the homeless, by donating time, money and other resources by locally supporting organizations like Aeon, that helps people get off the streets and/or out of shelters and in their own housing, as well as support services that help break the cycle of homelessness with retention and other access to social services and activities for inclusion.

    Again, kudos on a great and much needed reminder, in this blog…

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