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5 ways to do good this Give to the Max Day

“As a young adult who has experienced homelessness, you cannot live the way society wants you to live, but Aeon and other nonprofits help you make a path that will go toward your own way of living and shaping your future,” Alberto, Aeon resident

Alberto reminds us of the importance of Home and how your support can dramatically change lives. Use your power for good this Give to the Max Day, a state-wide day of giving on November 17th.  No matter what your situation, there are actions you can take to get involved — here are five to consider for the big day.


Let’s start with the obvious action. Give to the Max Day is an event specifically created to encourage financial giving, and no matter how small the contribution, a donation helps nonprofits like Aeon reach its goals and achieve more that year. Schedule your donation early by visiting Aeon’s page today.

Share your support on social media

If you donate for Give to the Max Day, share why you decided to give and how others can do the same on your social media pages. Who knows? You may have friends not aware of the cause you care so greatly about and would be interested in getting involved, too.

Even if you aren’t able to donate, share why you support the cause anyway. Others may have the means to contribute financially, but just aren’t aware of the various opportunities to do so.

Sign up for volunteer opportunities

At Aeon, we are always seeking new volunteers to help with fun resident events, landscaping projects, paint jobs and more. If you can’t donate dollars this year, consider donating your time instead. Find various volunteer opportunities on Aeon’s website today.

Educate yourself and others

Change cannot happen without education. Do good on Give to the Max Day by learning more about the cause you care about and sharing that knowledge with friends and family. It is vital that we build greater understanding of the root causes of the affordable housing crisis, the stigmas associated with affordable housing, and the individuals who are struggling to secure the foundation that makes all else possible: a Home. Begin your educational journey here.

Reach out

Connect with the nonprofits you follow to learn specifically how you can help their cause or give your suggestions and ideas. At Aeon, we want to hear from our supporters and partner with you to move the needle on affordable housing. You can connect with us on Facebook and Twitter or respond to our blog below.

It’s easy to underestimate the power of the individual. When it comes to making the world a better place, you may look to government leaders and influential public figures to create change. While they play an important role, it’s essential not to forget your own abilities to drive progress in the hustle and bustle of each day. You have the power to do good, too.

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