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What does Home mean to you?

I hope the word Home conjures up feelings of safety and comfort. That it is a place where you grow deeper connections to friends and loved ones. And feel a part of the community of neighbors who surround you.

My journey to Home

Today, my Home is in the Stevens Square community in Minneapolis — a diverse, culturally rich neighborhood I love a little more each day. But I can never forget that this is so because my neighbors were caring and involved in their community long before I arrived. They welcomed me and invited me to work alongside them… providing the opportunity for me to contribute from the deep sense of gratitude I feel for this gift of Home.

After just a few weeks with Aeon as Chief Advancement Officer, I see clearly how my own journey to Home has brought me here. I feel privileged to have been selected to join a team that is so talented and committed to advancing this work, and humbled to see how much energy and public support has been poured into developing homes throughout the metro area. I am excited to be joining your efforts as an advocate and friend.

Why Aeon needs your help

Experience has taught me that it is you — Aeon’s donors, activists, business partners and residents — who will influence where we go from here. Minnesota is critically short on affordable homes, and we will need your involvement to create lasting change. For 30 years, Aeon has served families and individuals facing the greatest barriers to stable housing. As I join you in this work, I would be grateful for your wisdom. What has inspired you to support Aeon? What do you hope to accomplish as a partner in our work? What are your aspirations for the future? What does Home mean to you?

Please share your reflections in response to this post. Your stories and insights will motivate and inspire our action and help close the gap for more Minnesotans to experience Home.

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