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Aeon and Lowry Grove Residents File Lawsuit to Retain As Affordable Housing

Aeon and co-plaintiff Antonia Alvarez, on behalf of the residents of Lowry Grove manufactured home park, filed a lawsuit on Monday, June 27, 2016, with Hennepin County District Court to preserve the manufactured home park as a critically important affordable housing resource.

The lawsuit states that the owners violated a Minnesota statute by closing on a sale despite a legitimate matching offer from Aeon to purchase the park on the resident’s behalf, and that the closed transaction must be found void and Aeon’s purchase offer executed.

“A lot of seniors, families and children depend upon Lowry Grove as our home, and to throw it away without a fight is not acceptable,” said Alvarez, a resident of Lowry Grove and a key organizer and leader for the residents.

With a severe and dwindling lack of affordable housing options in the state, persevering properties like Lowry Grove has become a major priority for the Metropolitan Council and others.

“If these residents lose their home, it will have a severe impact on not only their lives, but the community at large,” said Alan Arthur, Aeon’s president and CEO. “Aeon meets the requirements set out by state law as a credible future owner and steward for Lowry Grove.”


Aeon is a national nonprofit leader in quality, affordable housing solutions with 40 properties serving more than 4,500 residents throughout the Twin Cities.

Each day, more than 10,000 Minnesotans experience homelessness, and thousands more are just one crisis away — this creates an urgent need for affordable housing with structured support. Celebrating its 30th Anniversary, Aeon’s vision is that every person has a home and is connected within community, by creating and sustaining quality affordable homes that strengthen lives.

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  • Jim Graham says:

    The post is unclear. Was there a signed “Purchase Agreement”? Was there a signed “Contract” force sale for a matching offer? Or a signed “Option to buy” between AEON and the seller? Those are important questions for an action to have legal standing.

    • Malika Phelps says:

      Thanks for your questions. We are confident in the merits of our case. We are looking forward to the resolution of this lawsuit and the opportunity to preserve these affordable Homes.

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