Property Management & Maintenance Job Fair

On January 12, Aeon hosted a job fair for property management and maintenance positions at the central office in Minneapolis. Aeon recruiter Alycia Klatt reflects on her experience around joining Aeon and her passion for growing Aeon’s team with talented individuals from diverse backgrounds. 

Had it not been for a conversation I had with Aeon’s HR Representative, Lori, at an alumni job fair a few years ago, I might not have ended up working at Aeon or in property management. I remember Aeon was not on my list of employers to visit when I entered the fair, but while waiting in line to talk to a government agency recruiter, Lori and I struck up a conversation at Aeon’s nearby booth. As we discussed raising standards of affordable housing, business management, and competitive salaries and benefits, I began to picture myself working at Aeon and was eager to learn more. After the job fair, I went home and did my research on Aeon and the property management field and realized it was definitely something I wanted to look into. A month and a half later, I started at Aeon as a Property Manager at The Crest, one of Aeon’s 40 apartment buildings. I couldn’t be happier with my decision and it all started with an unplanned conversation and a well-placed long line.

Now, as Aeon’s recruiter, I think back to that happy coincidence at the job fair and my desire to provide an opportunity like that for someone else. I am excited to be part of a team of great people as we plan for Aeon’s first Property Management & Maintenance Job Fair. At the job fair, guests will have the opportunity to learn more about Aeon and how they can become part of our team. If you or someone you know are interested, we would love to meet and hopefully have you join us! Perhaps attending this event will be as great a decision for you as joining Aeon was for me!

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Alycia Klatt leads recruiting efforts for the HR Department at Aeon.

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