Rock-paper-scissors for creating homes and fighting homelessness…

An all-staff meeting. When was the last time you raved about such a gathering? Generally speaking, they’re about as much fun as a two-hour conference call or a budget meeting. But a few days ago, Aeon had a meeting that staff members are still talking about. It was a meeting filled with fun, laughter, and yes, a few rounds of rock-paper-scissors — all in the spirit of a 100+ person team working together to end homelessness and ensure that everyone has a home in the Twin Cities.

Through games and exercises led by a Comedy Sportz duo, staff members discussed what it’s like to work at Aeon, and why they like being Aeon employees. Many described the Aeon environment as passionate, diverse, respectful, dynamic, caring, creative, and mission-driven. They also said it’s “not boring,” and that for some, it feels like family.

Staff members also agreed that issues tied to affordable housing are complex, challenging, and sometimes hard and painful. One person said a great day at Aeon is when you meet the youth who live in an Aeon building —  it’s gratifying and exciting to see children (and individuals and families) creating homes and community.

You’ve heard about Aeon’s work, and a bit about what it’s like to work here. So, enough about us…let’s talk about you! Are you a driven, committed, and passionate person? Are you interested in working hard to make a tangible impact in your community? Would you bring 100% of yourself to work every day, to an organization that respects all of your identities?

If that’s you, or if you know someone who fits these descriptions and would be committed to mission-driven work, please check out the job postings on our website. We’d love to have you join our team!

Bonus fact:  We also learned at the staff meeting that many Aeon employees greatly enjoy staff potlucks and the frequent snacks that end up in the staff lunchroom. Needless to say, new colleagues are always welcome to show off their culinary skills!

Angie Emmrich, Director of Human Resources

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