Group of lit candles in the dark

Candles were lit as each name was read aloud in memoriam

Celebrating Lost Lives and Recommitting to Ending Homelessness

Last night, Aeon and its community partner, Simpson Housing Services, joined other community groups and hundreds of people for a memorial. Aeon works to create communities that care and that’s why we participated in this memorial that helps validate the importance of the lives of those that have experienced the challenges of homelessness.

The Homeless Memorial and March, an annual event hosted by Simpson, honors individuals who died in 2014 while homeless or having experienced homelessness previously. The lives of 158 people—and their contributions to our communities—were honored by having their names read aloud at the memorial. Some were residents of Aeon properties. We celebrated that a number of them had found a home, and mourned that many died too young because of the hardships endured through poverty and homelessness. We voiced that each person was someone’s sister, friend, son, or parent.

As a community, we also came together to recommit to our own roles in ending homelessness. The work of developing permanent, supportive housing—a critical component of ending homelessness—must continue. Today at Aeon, we also honor the efforts of Simpson Housing Services. Aeon proudly partners with Simpson to provide quality affordable housing with supportive services. More than half of Aeon’s properties offer resources and support to residents—with Simpson as one of our service providers at a number of properties. Additionally, more than 500 units at Aeon properties are reserved for people moving out of homelessness.

Simpson’s director of programs, Wendy Wiegmann, leads the effort to hold the Homeless Memorial and March each year. “The march and service are a poignant reminder to me that homelessness is a condition that we can and must end. The creation of affordable and supportive housing opportunities is an imperative for our community.”

Learn more about the Homeless Memorial, and read the Pioneer Press article about a woman whose recent death was tied to homelessness. We look forward to highlighting many other community partnerships and efforts in future blog posts.

Katie Haas, Director of Resident Connections and Supportive Services

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  • Pamela Rantala says:

    I live in an income based property owned by Aeon. I am in the middle of my 1 year lease. For medical and transportation needs, I need to relocate back to the Minneapolis area. I was told that if there was an open apartment within Aeon properties, I could transfer my lease. Is this an option??

    • Stephanie Swenson says:

      Hi Pamela! Thank you for commenting. Your site manager is the best person to reach out to with this question. You can also reach the portfolio director of the property by emailing MyHome at Thanks!

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